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  1. Book
    a collection.

    Use the form on this website to arrange the collection of a rotary or diverter valve that is due for overhaul or tuning. Our team will contact you for the practical arrangements. Our express courier will deliver the rotary valve to our workshop. If necessary, we also have spare parts available.

  2. Report and

    Our Uptivalves expert will prepare a damage report for your rotary or diverter valve. We will prepare a quotation for the repair and, if desired, the tuning of your valve based on the nature and cause of the damage. For example, a wear-resistant coating can substantially extend the life of your rotary or diverter valve.

  3. Overhaul
    and tuning.

    When you agree to our proposal, we will prepare a schedule to carry out the overhaul and tuning professionally and within the agreed period. Our collection service will return your valve or diverter valve, so you won’t be without your spare part for long. Optionally, you can enter into a maintenance contract to protect you against unexpected breakdowns.

What our customers say

about our service

This is the first time that our Raumaster rotary valves come back in such a beautifully finished state and within the specified time. Thank you for the efforts and service of your team. Bjorn, Maintenance Manager
After Uptivalves “tuned” our rotary valves, their operation has improved noticeably. We very often used to have downtimes. After thoroughly examining the problem, Uptivalves gave our rotary valves a special coating and corrected their adjustment, and the problem was solved. Michel, Technical Engineer
We have been working with Uptivalves for some years. We are a production company where downtime is critical. With Uptivalves we have a partner who can overhaul and tune our rotary valves and, in case of an emergency, can act fast. Ludo, Team Manager

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