Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about the repair and overhaul of valves. Do you have a question? Please feel free to ask via the contact form .

What is the difference between repairing and tuning valves?

Uptivalves prend en charge les opérations de réparation des écluses rotatives, tout comme le font d'autres fournisseurs sur le marché, mais en matière de « reconditionnement », elle peut aller plus loin. Par reconditionnement, nous entendons une augmentation de la durée de vie de votre écluse suite à un diagnostic correct, d’ajustements et de l’application d'un revêtement. Plus d'informations sont disponibles dans la rubrique reconditionnement du site web.

Can Uptivalves repair any brands of rotary and diverter valves?

Uptivalves repairs all brands and models of rotary and diverter valves. We are a preferred partner of DMN Westinghouse because of our excellent service and expertise. However, we can also apply our expertise to all other makes and types of valves.

Can Uptivalves collect my rotary valve?

Our express courier will collect your rotary valve. Use the [book a collection] (Home#booking form) form on the website, or contact us by phone or e-mail. Once we have received your rotary or diverter valve, we will prepare a damage report and send you a quotation without obligation.

Can Uptivalves send me a quote in advance?

Uptivalves will send you a no-obligation quote once we have analysed your rotary or diverter valve. This quotation will always be based on the nature of the damage and contain special recommendations on tuning to guarantee a longer life. Upon your approval, we will start work immediately.

Does Uptivalves have experience in my type of industry?

Uptivalves has many years of experience in various sectors. We have references from most business sectors, including petrochemical, food, plastics and recycling. With this know-how, we can offer customised tuning solutions.

Is tuning my rotary or diverter valve expensive?

The initial costs of tuning a rotary valve are higher, but you will recoup these costs very quickly thanks to the increased life and fewer downtimes of your valves.

Can Uptivalves provide replacement parts?

Uptivalves can provide temporary replacement or transition parts during the overhaul or tuning of your rotary or diverter valve. Uptivalves technicians will take care of the dismantling and assembly on site.

Do many rotary valve repairers offer surface treatment?

The application of surface treatment or coating requires specific know-how, both in terms of materials knowledge and process. Uptivalves is one of the few companies in Europe that offer this for airlocks and diverter valves.

Does Uptivalves take on jobs from outside Belgium?

Uptivalves carries out overhauls and tuning for companies throughout Europe. We will take care of the transport, both for small and very large items. Our office staff are multilingual.